Custom Stippling

Highland Guns is now offering Custom Stippling and frame modification for polymer frame handguns such as Glock, Smith & Wesson M&P Series, Springfield XD and others. The list of frame modifications included:
  • Removal of Finger Grooves -
  • Reduces the circumference of the gun and allows for a higher grip
  • Magazine Release Scallop -
  • All the benefits of an extended magazine release button without the risk of accidentally engaging it (Not Available on Glock Gen 4 frames)
  • Textured "Ledge" Fram Flats -
  • For those that use a thumbs forward grip. Give a reference point to ensure you get the same grip everytime, the ledge also gives your forward thumb something to dig into to mitgate recoil and get back on target faster (Not Available on Single Stack Frames)
  • Single and Double Trigger Guard Undercut -
  • Allows for a higher grip, giving you more control over the gun for faster follow up shots
  • Grip Reduction (Glock Only) -
  • Flattens the "HUMP" on the Glock backstrap



  • $150 Regular Size Frame (Glock 26/M&P Compact and up)
  • $125 Single Stack Frame (Glock 43/42/36/Shield)


  • Ledge Flats: [Regular Style]
  • $10 [Left Side] +$10 [Rights Side]
  • $20 [Both Sides]
  • $10 Double Trigger Guard Undercut
  • $15 Magazine Release Cutout (NOT Available for Gen 4 Glocks)
  • $20 Glock Grip (Hump) Reduction
  • $25 Texture Removable Backstrap
  • $25 Texture Magazine Baseplate


  • Single Trigger Guard Undercut/ Textured Frame
  • stippling diagram 1
  • custom stippling
  • Texture: dot (mild)

  • stippling dot mild
  • Order Information

  • FFl to FFl Transfer ONLY! Take your frame to your local FFL Dealer for shipment.

  • Print a copy of the FFL and take it to your local FFL Dealer. Enclose the work order, frame ONLY, payment and have your FFL enclose a copy of their FFL and a California Firearms Shipment Approval Letter
  • Work Order Form

  • FFL

  • Ship To:
    Attn: Stippling Dept
    Highland Guns
    2600 E Highland Ave. Suite A
    Highland, CA 92346
  • Payment:
    We accept checks and money orders payable to Highland Guns.